I have written a book about social media for small business owners!

I tried recommending good social media books for small businesses but I found nothing great. They were either dull or badly written.

​So I made my own.

It is 200 pages long and it was created specifically for small businesses. I called the book Social Media Workbook for Small Businesses, and I really hope you enjoy it.

​Over 15,000 small local businesses have benefited from this book so far, do not miss out!


What's inside the book?

Below I have detailed some of the subjects that are covered in the book.

- How to use Facebook Live
- Using Facebook Analytics
- What is Facebook Stories
- Targeting people through Facebook Ads​


- How to use Quote Retweet
- Scheduling Tweets
- How and if you should use hashtags
- How to access Twitter Analytics

- Business Profile
- How often should you post
- What you should post
- What you should use Instagram Stories for
About the author
Hi I am Garry.

I have worked with a range of different businesses to large well known corporate companies to small businesses, advising them on social media marketing.

I developed this workbook because of requests from local businesses who did not want to spend a huge amount on social media but actually learn something. The book cuts out all the industry jargon and nonsense, and just gives you tasks to do.

You can follow me on Instagram here for a mixture of random life pictures, cat pictures (I have two) and social media tips.