My Workbook

I wrote a book to help small businesses do better on social media.

I tried to recommend a book for small businesses to do better on social media, but I couldn't. They were either out of date or rubbish. So I created my own.

The first part is on Facebook, check out the video to see what is included. Other things included are below.

The workbook can help ANY small business owner do better with Facebook regardless of your level. It can and will help you.

You know that everyone is posting lots of videos, but what should your small business post?

Facebook Analytics is a great tool to find out who is interacting with your page so you can do more of this.

Do you know how others recommend you on Facebook? This section will help you out.

Facebook Groups can be very useful and in my workbook I will show you how to use them properly.

I have sold over 15,000 copies of the workbook so far, and this Facebook section costs only £12. It contains over 40 pages of helpful tips, guides and things that will help you do better. The workbook is something you buy and can work through.

The workbook is a guide, book, manual, bible, whatever you want to call it.

It removes all the jargon from social media and ACTUALLY teaches you how to do things.

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