4 Social Media Tips for Pancake Day for Small Businesses

March 2019

This is one of my favourite holidays. Pancakes all round. Here I am giving some tips for small businesses on social media around Pancake Day.

Now I know what you are thinking, if you do not sell pancakes, how can you benefit from Pancake Day?

1. Let me start with a simple one. You can use a hashtag like #NationalPancakeDay on Twitter. There are a range of hashtags you can on Instagram including:

#pancakeday #pancakes #nationalpancakeday #shrovetuesday

This will be a hashtag millions of people will be using which is potential exposure for your small business.

2. Regardless of which type of business you are, you can wish your audience a Happy Pancake Day. Create your post and pancakes or there are thousands of stock images online.

3. Do something different for Pancake Day. Yes on the day you are supposed to eat pancakes. Are you a small Bed and Breakfast? Perhaps you offer pancakes on Pancake Day as a breakfast option on the day.

4. Offer a Pancake Day discount code. Do you want to drive traffic to your online store? Why not offer a discount code (perhaps GIVEMEPANCAKES) to get customers to celebrate with you.

If you want more social media tips for small businesses, check out my workbook. No monthly fees or jargon. It just helps small businesses with social media. 

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Garry James

Garry runs Social The World, and helps small businesses across the UK do better on social media. I wrote a workbook to help small business owners do better on social media. You can check it out here.

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