Facebook Tips for Airbnb Hosts

April 2019

Running a Facebook page for an Airbnb experience should be fun, not tiring. This guide will help you do better on Facebook.

1. Whatever you do, post consistently.

Travellers and locals use social media as a way to research for things to do, where to stay and where to eat in a local area. Posting consistently will help with this, and it is a common secret within the marketing industry.

How often should this be? On Facebook, it is recommended that you should post NO MORE than THREE TIMES PER WEEK.

Now this may seem daunting, remembering to post three times per week. This is where scheduling comes into play. If you sit down once every two weeks or even once a month and schedule your posts on Facebook, you do not need to remember to post throughout the week, saving you time.

2. Offer something more than advertising.

Posting on social media shouldn’t be looked at as a place ONLY to advertise. Technically, you should follow this rule: 80% of the things you post on Facebook should be helpful advice or things to educate your followers and only 20% should be advertising.

What should this other 80% be? Well, what works really well for Airbnb hosts is to offer advice, tips and guides on the local area. Is there a great restaurant to check out locally? Do you recommend a great local attraction? You should be posting things like this on your Facebook page as well as showing off your stunning Airbnb.

3. Make sure your links work.

A simple one, but this is often overlooked. Make sure your links work. Check on a regular basis, because they can change. I have clicked on a link from a Airbnb’s Facebook page and the link did not work. This is silly. Double check it works.

4. Images and videos.

Use images or videos every time you post on Facebook. Facebook rewards pages which post images and videos, so if you can stay away from text. You can come up with some unique ways to get images that don’t include you hiring a photographer. You can invite guests to take their own photos while on your experience, and then ask them if they will share them with you on social media. Then you can re-share their images.

5. Your Airbnb is all about the personal experience.

Your place is unique because of what you as a host bring to it. So, when using social media for promotion, it’s helpful to remember to make the human elements a central focus.

If the people looking at your posts feel emotionally connected to you or your content, you’ll capture more than their attention, and you’ll help them get a preview for how they’ll feel while on your experience.

I wrote a workbook specifically to help small tourism businesses do better on Facebook. My workbook will give you tips to improve your Facebook page and how to grow it without spending lots of money. The workbook is completely jargon free. You can check it out here.

Garry James

Garry runs Social The World, and helps small businesses across the UK do better on social media. I wrote a workbook to help small business owners do better on social media. You can check it out here.

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