The Best Social Media Marketing Ideas for Holiday Cottages and Bed and Breakfasts

March 2019

I understand that you love your holiday property, cottage or Bed and Breakfast, and you want to show it off with the rest of the world. It may also be a second home or a supplementary income. This guide will help you better understand how to use social media for your holiday cottage or property.

Before you start promoting your property, it is good to think about who your holiday property is best suited to and who you would ideally like to attract, your target market. If you run a rural short-term cottage in the Lake District, you may want to attract walkers. If you run a holiday cottage in Cornwall with amazing view, perhaps you target couples looking for a romantic break?

Think about whether the features and experience you are offering match your target audience.

  1. Walkers may want to bring a dog so would look for pet-friendly properties
  2. Couples will potentially look for unique features to wow their other half, such as a hot tub or local attractions.

Whilst it’s important to cater for your audience, it’s equally as important to ensure your holiday let appeals to as many people as possible.
Whether you’ve just launched a new holiday cottage or are looking for additional marketing for a current property, social media can help you.

What is the benefit of staying at your property?
Keep your target audience in mind when deciding on your property’s name, writing your property descriptions and make sure to choose photographs that really show your property off in the right light.

Yes, your audience want to know about your property, but what else is available locally that they would be interested in? It is good to provide more information about the area, because that is most likely the reason for the visit.

Instagram is a must for holiday cottages. A vast amount of people use Instagram to research holidays, and this is where your property can be found. The best tip I have for Instagram is that you MUST post on a regular basis.

I always advise businesses to think about what is managable over a long term period. It is great posting 6 images a day for the first week, but is this sustainable? The reason this is so important is that Instagram’s smart algorithms like accounts that post more regularly and these accounts are rewarded by showing up in more searches.

Let’s say you run a holiday cottage in the Lake District and want to attract walkers. Hashtags I would suggest would be:

It is good to do some research into what the best hashtags are for your business. Once you have these hashtags, you can use them in every post.

Advertising on Instagram
Advertising is a scary word because it means spending money. Instagram has a number of advertising options in their app, and you can spend money by trying to get new followers or making sure that your posts are seen by more of your own followers. I would recommend with small amounts, perhaps £10-£30 per month and monitoring the results.

Writing Articles
By writing your own articles you can position yourself as an expert in the local area, offering your guests interesting and helping content. If the blogs are hosted on your website, it will also help your site show up better on Google.

Let me go back to the holiday cottage in the Lake District. Perhaps you write a blog post like: 5 of the best walks this Spring. As well as making you do better on Google, this also gives you something interesting and new to share on your social media!

Now that you are here, why not check out my workbook which helps small businesses with social media. It breaks up Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and removes all the jargon and can really help holiday cottage owners do better with social media.

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Garry James

Garry runs Social The World, and helps small businesses across the UK do better on social media. I wrote a workbook to help small business owners do better on social media. You can check it out here.

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